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Manny Busuttil - Tutor at Johann Strauss School of Music
Warren was just turning 14 when he started lessons with me. He was already playing guitar for a while..I have known Warren from a very young age, I was looking forward to start teaching him because I already knew his artistic potential through his early comic drawings he used to do at the age of 6. So before he ever started any lessons with me I asked him to buy his first Music reading book and explained a couple of things to him during the summer holidays and by the time we started school he had already covered over half of it..We revised it right through and 3 months later we started the real stuff, Almost same music level I did at Musicians Institute where I graduated from.

By the end of that same scholastic year he was almost finished form all our 5 year course core classes books plus all Scales and everything in between.. Just before summer we started doing Jazz along with other 3 bright students of mine,  including a Pianist, Bass and another Guitar player. This made it easier for him to have a rapid progress,  Every Friday in my class room Standard after standard, things got harder and harder but Warren always kept his pace. He kept being faithful to real Jazz improvisation (The hard way) instead of taking the easy way around and ending up in dead end alleys.. Eventually his phrasing started getting better and better..Pretty soon Warren and his colleagues from school were playing in clubs along with another talented drummer. Most of them under 17 years of age. So it was the first time that we had such young local talents playing jazz together in one room..Warren kept his love for music and after he finished his English language degree at the University of Malta.  He continued his music studies including advanced theory, ear training and piano and preparing his way for any Foreign Contemporary Music University or College.

He also had time to start teaching and gigging and finding his way in the local scene and working professionally. I always hoped that one day he along or other students of mine will follow my foot steps and leave to LA or NY. I m so glad that he did. Its a dream come true and i feel so proud. He is an extraordinary talent and a hard worker. Deep inside I know that someday he will make a name for himself. He have the time to shine in NY music scene. I'm hoping for the best. 
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